Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Little Man

Brandon is such a sweet loving child that anyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him. He loves attention and will be as sweet as he can be if you give him the slightest bit of attention (although this means that at times he seeks after negative attention...)! He is my detail man, he doesn't miss many details and is quick to tell you if you don't have it just right! I believe Brandon will grow up to be some kind of engineer or something along those lines, he can take apart and put things back together so easily and, as I said before, is detailed oriented.

My heart goes out to Brandon for what he has been through. He was 3 when he went into DFCS custody and remembers a lot of his past. He has had a harder time adjusting to life with us for various reasons. See, Brandon and Abby have two older half siblings who live with their dad. His brother had always been with him until the day that Brandon and Abby came to live with us. His brother was his rock through this situation and suddenly he was gone. It breaks my heart that he has had to go through such a difficult loss. The loss of his brother had been more significant than the loss of either biological parent.

But, my little man is a trooper. I have seen the most changes in him in this last year. He has gone from being a very scared little boy who was even scared to go upstairs by himself to one who runs around our house full steam and will even play in his room al by himself (big accomplishment). I have seen him begin to step into the big brother role from little brother role and begin to take his place as the oldest sibling. Everyday he seems to become more and more confident in himself.

He loves going to church and especially Cubbies. He loves to sing, although likes to be silly while singing! He loves sports, fishing and all things boy! As you pray for us, say a special prayer for my little man! Pray that he will continue to gain confidence and that he will be able to one day understand all that has happened to him. Pray for their brother, too, unfortunately we don't have contact with him but we know he has had a hard time dealing with the separation also.

I thank God for Brandon, he has been a challenge at times, but I wouldn't take back any of it! My prayer, just like my prayer for Abby is that I can be the mother he needs be to be, direct him the way he needs to go and to comfort him when he needs comforting. These children have forver changed our lives and God has given us a big and awesome task of raising them to be people of God.

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