Sunday, March 6, 2011

Change on the Horizon

Anyone who might by chance be reading this blog has realized by now that I cannot seem to post on a regular basis. Oh well, as always, I will try to do better.

So as the title states there is change coming to the Madon family, Big Change. We are moving, not just across town, but across the the state. We are going from being up in north Georgia to about as far south in Georgia as you can go. I have accepted a job offer with an office in Valdosta, GA. We are all excited about this change. The kids should be able to go with us (more on that later) and it will be a nice fresh start for us as a family. We are sad to be leaving our friends and family here in Cartersville, but we know this is where God is leading us at the present time.

As far as the kids are concerned, there should not be any issue because we are still in Georgia. But, things are looking very favorable right now. A's dad has already surrendered his rights and it is looking as though mom and the other dad will be following suit. We are praying God continues to work in their hearts to do what is best for the children. Our next court date is coming up on April 12, so be in prayer for that as well. Once they surrender or termination occurs we will be able to begin the process of adopting them. For things to be moving as quickly as they seem to be is highly unsual so please be in prayer for us as there are still many hurdles to overcome.