Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Settling in

We finally moved about 3 weeks ago to Valdosta to begin our new journey. It seemed like we had been moving FOREVER! I signed my contract for my new job early in January and we didn't move until May. We have unpacked most (maybe even all) the boxes, the pictures are hung and we are settling in. I started working almost 2 weeks ago and Robert is adjusting to being a stay-at-home dad (I am not sure how long that will last!).

We have started the daunting task of finding a new church. It is something neither Robert nor I enjoy doing, but we know it is a priority. I feel for the kids, they don't understand, so each Sunday it is another heartwrenching episode of taking them to yet another nursery. They both do fine once they are there, but it rips my heart out each time to hear them cry. I pray that we find the right church for our family soon! Robert and I are quickly learning that there in no church quite like home. Cartersville FBC was our first church together as a couple so it is definitely home. We miss it dearly! I am learning that CFBC is a truly unique church and there truly isn't a church just like it (not just because it is home either)! But, there are some good churches here in Valdosta and I am certain that God will lead us to the right church for us!

Nothing much new to report as far as the adoption goes. We are currently in the 30 day waiting period after the judge terminated parental rights. That ends on June 23. We are scheduled to come to Cartersville on July 5 to sign the papers from DFCS allowing us to proceed with the adoption. The caseworker said that it usually is about 30 days after that for the adoption hearing with the judge. That will be the day when they will be officially declared as Madons and will be OURS FOREVER!!!! I cannot wait to be able to post pictures so you all can see my beautiful children!

Hard to believe that it was just a year ago that we were first learning about these sweet precious children! I knew the day our caseworker told us about them that they would be ours, that they were the ones that God had chosen for us! That day He told me, "Here are your kids you have been so desperately praying for. Here they are." That day that He showed me that He was in complete control and that I needed to sit back and let Him. It was the weekend before that Robert and I, broken hearted, sat down and prayed to Him to give us direction and show us what to do. It was then that I prayed and begged God for rest because I was tired. He gave me rest, He reminded me where I could find my rest, in HIM ALONE!!!!

"Find rest my soul,
In Christ alone.
Know His power,
In quietness and trust.
When the oceans rise and thunders roar,
I will soar with you above the storm.
Father, you are king over the flood,
I will be still and know that you are God."